Pro Grade Masking Tape

  • Load Stabilising: Excellent memory keeps holding grip on load.
  • Clarity: High degree of transparency for see-through packaging.
  • Cling: Layers of film cling to the package even at high stretch levels.
  • Low Noise Application: Quiet unwinding, great near telephones and offices.
  • Stretchability: Maximises your equipment’s stretch potential and provides excellent yield.
  • Tear & Puncture Resistant: High tear resistance affords maximum security even around sharp package corner and edges.
SKUTitleCTN QTYCTN Rate Price/Roll1-3 CTN Price/Roll4-8 CTN Price/RollBuy
FMT1850BluePro Grade Masking Tape 18mmx50M Blue48 Rolls$6.40$6.00$5.80
FMT2450BluePro Grade Masking Tape 24mmx50M Blue36 Rolls$8.00$7.50$7.25
FMT3650BluePro Grade Masking Tape 36mmx50M Blue24 Rolls$12.00$11.25$10.88
FMT4850BluePro Grade Masking Tape 48mmx50M Blue24 Rolls$16.00$15.00$14.50

Medium Adhesion, Exclusive Paint Block Technology, Prevents paint bleed, 14 day clean removal, UV resistant – 10-93 deg.C


Pro Grade Masking Tape 18mmx50M Blue, Pro Grade Masking Tape 24mmx50M Blue, Pro Grade Masking Tape 36mmx50M Blue, Pro Grade Masking Tape 48mmx50M Blue


48 Rolls, 36 Rolls, 24 Rolls, 24 Rolls

CTN Rate Price/Roll

$6.40, $8.00, $12.00, $16.00

1-3 CTN Price/Roll

$6.00, $7.50, $11.25, $15.00

4-8 CTN Price/Roll

$5.80, $7.25, $10.88, $14.50


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