Acrylic Packaging Tape

  • Load Stabilising: Excellent memory keeps holding grip on load.
  • Clarity: High degree of transparency for see-through packaging.
  • Cling: Layers of film cling to the package even at high stretch levels.
  • Low Noise Application: Quiet unwinding, great near telephones and offices.
  • Stretchability: Maximises your equipment’s stretch potential and provides excellent yield.
  • Tear & Puncture Resistant: High tear resistance affords maximum security even around sharp package corner and edges.
SKUTitleCTN QTYCTN Rate Price/Roll2-5 CTN Price/Roll6-10 CTN Price/Roll10+ CTN Price/RollBuy
PT4875Packaging Tape 48mmx75Mx45um Clear36 Rolls$0.80$0.75$0.73$0.70
PT3675Packaging Tape 36mmx75Mx45um Clear48 Rolls$0.69$0.65$0.62$0.60
PT4875BPackaging Tape 48mmx75M Brown36 Rolls$0.80$0.75$0.73$0.70
PT2475Packaging Tape 24mmx75Mx45um Clear72 Rolls$0.48$0.45$0.44$0.42
PT48100MPackaging Tape 48mmx1000Mx45um Clear Machine6 Rolls$19.20$18.00$17.40$16.80

Packaging Tape 48mmx75Mx45um Clear, Packaging Tape 36mmx75Mx45um Clear, Packaging Tape 48mmx75M Brown, Packaging Tape 24mmx75Mx45um Clear, Packaging Tape 48mmx1000Mx45um Clear Machine


36 Rolls, 48 Rolls, 36 Rolls, 72 Rolls, 6 Rolls

CTN Rate Price/Roll

$0.80, $0.69, $0.80, $0.48, $19.20

2-5 CTN Price/Roll

$0.75, $0.65, $0.75, $0.45, $18.00

6-10 CTN Price/Roll

$0.73, $0.62, $0.73, $0.44, $17.40

10+ CTN Price/Roll

$0.70, $0.60, $0.70, $0.42, $16.80


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