Strapping Tools

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  • Use the tensioner to tighten the strap and the crimper to secure the seal
  • Different tools to suite poly or steel seals
  • Available in versions to suirte different grades of strapping - manual, semi auto or automatic models


Poly Strapping tools

Code Description Unit
crimperPC12  Crimper for 12mm poly strapping   Each
crimperPC15 Crimper for 15mm poly strapping Each
crimperPC19 Crimper for 19mm poly strapping Each
tensionerPT Tensioner for poly strapping Each

Steel Strapping tools

Code Description Unit
crimperSC12  Crimper for 12mm steel strapping   Each
crimperSC15 Crimper for 15mm steel strapping Each
crimperSC19 Crimper for 19mm steel strapping Each
tensionerST Tensioner for steel strapping Each