Strapping buckles and clips

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  • Plastic or metal buckles - manual feed the poly strap through the buckles
  • Metal Seals - Use with regular or heavy duty strapp and for steel strapping


Hand and machine applied buckles.

Buckles for poly strapping without the need for tools

Code  Description Unit
pb12  Poly buckles 12mm 1000/bag    Bag
pb15 Poly buckles 12mm 1000/bag Bag
sb12 Steel buckles 12mm 1000/ctn Ctn
sb15 Steel buckles 12mm 1000/ctn Ctn
sb19 Steel buckles 19mm 1000/ctn Ctn

Seals for poly strapping with tools required

Code Description Unit
openOS12 Seal open 12mm 1000/ctn Ctn
openOS15 Seal open 15mm 1000/ctn Ctn
openOS19HD  Seal open 19mm HD 1000/ctn   Ctn

Seals for Steel Strapping (tools required)

Code Description Unit
so12   Seal snap 12mm 1000/ctn   Ctn
so15 Seal snap 15mm 1000/ctn Ctn
so19 Seal snap 19mm 1000/ctn Ctn