Padded Mail Bags

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Stock Line.

  • Padded with either shredded paper or plastic bubble
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Self sealing

Single sided bubble liner, paper outer

Code Description Unit
mailite1  Mailite 1 150mm x 230mm (300/ctn)   Ctn
mailite2 Mailite 2 215mm x 280mm (100/ctn) Ctn
mailite4 Mailite 4 240mm x 345mm (100/ctn) Ctn
mailite5 Mailite 5 265mm x 380mm (100/ctn) Ctn
mailite6 Mailite 6 315mm x 380mm (100/ctn) Ctn
mailite7 Mailite 7 360mm x 485mm (50/ctn) Ctn

Shredded paper liner, paper outer

Code Description Unit
jib340  Jiffy bag P1 150mm x 225mm (200/ctn)   Ctn
jib350 Jiffy pad P2 215mm x 280mm (100/ctn) Unit
jib360 Jiffy bag P5 265mm x 380mm (100/ctn) Ctn
jib370 Jiffy bag P4 240mm x 340mm (100/ctn) Ctn
jib380 Jiffy bag P6 300mm x 405mm (50/ctn) Ctn
jib390 Jiffy bag P7 360mm x 480mm (50/ctn) Ctn