Masking Tape

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Masking Tape
• Paper tape, often used
  by painters & printers
• A wide range of types
  for different needs
• Easily tears
• We carry two versions. One for general application.
  The other a high temperature grade suitable for automotive

General Usage

Code Description Qty per Carton
sty880118 masking tape 8801 18mm x 50m 48/ctn
sty880124 masking tape 8801 24mm x 50m 36/ctn
sty880136 masking tape 8801 36mm x 50m  24/ctn
sty880148 masking tape 8801 48mm x 50m 24/ctn

Heat Resistant

Code Description Qty per Carton
sty881118 masking tape 8811 18mm x 50M 48/ctn
sty881124 masking tape 8811 24mm x 50m 36/ctn
sty881136 masking tape 8811 36mm x 50m 24/ctn
sty881148 masking tape 8811 48mm x 50m 24/ctn
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