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"Acribond is a high performance acrylic foam tape that offers superior performance and ease of application over traditional joining and bonding systems. Acribond's versatility and reliability makes it possible to eliminate rivets, nuts and bolts, welds and messy liquid adhesives in a wide range of applications" Acribond is a brand name for a range of high quality foam tapes"




  • Best suited to ambient temperature ranges, with some variations possible
  • Long lasting, manufacturers warranty of 25 years, if applied to approved applications
  • Water and solvent resistant
  • Bonds to stainless steel, painted steel and most plastics and glass



It is used in 


  • The buidling industry, to fix panels to the side of buildings
  • The vehicle industry, noth for construction and aftermarket application
  • The sign and dairy industry
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Electronics Manufacturing




  • Available in a range of widths or can be slit to the width required 
  • Available in a range of grades to suite the application required
  • Can be die cut to a shape required